Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy 2018: You ARE Enough

I know this video is long, but I hope you'll consider listening to it anyway, because I'm really putting myself out there and talking about some real struggles I've had, and I think it might help you if you're having a hard time. I think it's time for some real talk, and I know what a lot of you might need to hear. This video is for everyone that is struggling with facing the new year, especially if you're an educator, a parent, a scientist or anyone that is dealing with the public and trying to make the world a better place. Let's be realistic. Last year had its good moments surrounded by a lot of bad, and while I have hope, let's not pretend like this year is going to be easier. BUT!
You are smart enough, you are good enough, you ARE enough. Every day that you stay dedicated, go back out for another fight and get better you're that much closer. Your next big break is right around the corner and better days are on the horizon. You're making that much more of a difference, and by the way, you are SO needed. Those kids need you, your coworkers need you, your cause needs you, YOU! Not someone better. The world needs you, and if there are things that you need to improve )because lord knows we all have things we need to improve) you can do that one day at a time. You can accomplish so much more than you ever thought you could. there are people out there that wouldn't have the same life without you in it. this is not the finish line, better days are ahead, you can do this and I'm here for you. #realtalk #newyearsgoals #bethechange

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